Our Team at MUNDO

MUNDO 2015 Team

Our organisational team consists of around 30 students and two teachers, along with different Leibniz student helpers from the 5th to the 12th grades.


Here is a quick overview to give you some idea of who is responsible

for what here at MUNDO 2015:


Distinguished participants of MUNDO 2015, dear friends and sponsors,

We are Justine (17), Fabian (17) and Christopher (18) and we are proud as well as delighted
to serve as the Secretaries General of the third session of MUNDO.
We all have participated in several other conferences and Fabian has even been part of the 2nd session's Executive Team.
While keeping in touch with all you delegates and MUN-Directors before the confernce, we also decide on the Issues on the Agenda
and select the Student Officers together with the PGA.
In collaboration with our entire Executive Team of more than 30 students, we hope to create a memorable event for all of you
and we cannot await to meet you all next January.

Sincerely and with best regards from Dortmund,

Justine Saal, Fabian Krusa & Christopher Deifuß

Conference Manager

Highly anticipated participants of MUNDO 2015, dear friends and sponsors,

We are Jana (18) and Nina (17) and it is a great pleasure for us to participate in the third session of MUNDO as the Conference Manager.
Until now Jana participated in MUNDO 2013, MUNNY 2014 and MUNOH 2014, so the conference of 2015 will be her 4th conference. Nina started her MUN career as a delegate in MUNNY 2014, followed by MUNOH 2014, so MUNDO 2015 will be her 3rd conference.
To make MUNDO 2015 as memorable and amazing as possible, it is our job to organize the conference by finding locations for the opening and closing ceremony, arranging workshops for the Ad-Staff, delegates as well as chairs, organizing the course of events and much more.
We are looking forward to a lot of work and stress, but also as much as fun and new experiences. We are excited to welcome you all next year in Dortmund!

Best wishes,

Jana Kaluza and Nina Teske

Secretariat and Press Relations

We, Paul Kern and Christoph Alberts, are the Secretariat of MUNDO 2015. With great pride, we attempt to create a memorable week full of stimulating debate and an inspiring conference as a whole. As the Secretariat of MUNDO we are in charge of the organisation of rooms and equipment and the collection and arrangement of participant data.
Beyond we hope to create an intellectual and enthusiastic atmosphere, wherein all participants can unite to debate, enjoy and profit from the experience as a whole.
Throughout the process of developing the conference we hope to learn about the global issues affecting the world today and also to discuss the importance of future development originating from the minds of inspired students. We sincerely hope to welcome you all to MUNDO 2015.

Host Families

Most distinguished participants of the MUNDO Conference 2015,

We, Jana, Raffaela and Clara will be your Host Family Team before and during the MUNDO Conference here in Dortmund. During the next weeks, we will find a suitable and pleasant family for each of you, wit whom you will stay during MUNDO. Throughout the conference we will be your contact persons, in case you might have any questions or problems concerning your hosts. Feel free to ask us anytime!

As we all have already experienced a MUN conference, we know how important it is to have a great host family. Therefore, we hope to make your stay as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

We are looking forward to welcoming you here in Dortmund!

With best regards,

Your Host Family Team

Event Management


Hello everyone, my name is Paula Tempel and I’m 18 years old. I am excited to be an event manager of the 2015 Model United Nations Conference of Dortmund. Taking part in the Nyborg and Hamburg Conferences of 2014 as a delegate was a great experience as well. I’m looking forward to showing you the city of Dortmund, plan great committee evenings for you and last but not least organize the official MUN party!


Most distinguished participants of MUNDO 2015,

We are Vildan Kocabas (16), Konstantin Strupp (16) and Finnja Loddenkemper (16) and we are the Heads of Ad-Staff. As Heads of Ad-Staff it is our job to enthuse students to work as Ad-staff during this conference and to coordinate them. Our motivation to do this job is to arrange an intersting and pleasant time for everyone participating at MUNDO 2015.
We are looking forward to some great new experiences!

With best regards,

Your Heads of Ad-Staff

Approval Panel


Dear participants of MUNDO 2015,

We, Louisa(16), Darya(16) and Thivya(16), are delighted to work as the Approval Panel Team at
the third MUN conference here in Dortmund. During the conference we will ensure that your
resolutions are corrected by the MUN Directors and pass the formal clearing.
Currently we are attending the 11th grade of the Leibniz Gymnasium Dortmund/ ISDo and have
participated in MUNDO 2013 as well as MUNoH 2014.
In case you have questions concerning the formal aspects or questions concerning the resolutions in general, feel free to ask us.
We are looking forward to a memorable conference.

See you soon
Louisa Küchler, Darya Mohajeri and Thivya Pakeerathan


I am Gerrit (16). As the Media Staff, I am in charge of the homepage you are looking at and Í organize the communication within the organisational team.

During the conference I will provide the technical equipment and give support. I am really excited to be part of MUNDO 2015 and expect to gather new experiences.

I wish you a successful MUN without any difficulties.