Research Reports

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In this section, you will find the Research Reports about every issue debated in your forum.


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Please send your position papers to the student officers of your Committee or Council. You can find the email of your Chair or President in the document below!



Student Officers
Please send your positions papers and draft resolutions to the Chairs of your forum!
MUNDO 2015 Student Officers.pdf
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1st Committee

1st Committee - Limiting the threat posed to international peace and security through weapons trade
Research Report GA1 conventional weapons[...]
PDF-Dokument [144.5 KB]
1st Committee - Reconfiguring the structure of the UN military forces
Research Report GA1 UN military forces.p[...]
PDF-Dokument [282.7 KB]
1st Committee - Establishing international standards in regulations regarding arms for private households
Research Report GA1 UN arms for private [...]
PDF-Dokument [272.6 KB]

2nd Committee

2nd Committee - Outlining possible measures to internationally finance the plan of actions against climate change
ResearchReport GA2 UN Climate Change.pdf
PDF-Dokument [223.2 KB]
2nd Committee - Finding measures against the use of CDO's (Collateral Debt Obligations)
Research Report GA2 CDOs.pdf
PDF-Dokument [46.0 KB]
2nd Committee - Assessing the dager posed by global asset management companies
Research Report GA2 global asset managem[...]
PDF-Dokument [42.2 KB]

6th Committee

6th Committee - Assessing the legal status of state religion with respect to the followers of different faiths
Research Report GA6_Religion.pdf
PDF-Dokument [734.8 KB]
6th Committee - Outlining the legal boundaries of espionage with special regard to the NSA
Research Report GA6 Espionage and NSA. p[...]
PDF-Dokument [167.7 KB]
6th Committee - Finding agreements on future treatment of refugees coming to Europe via the Mediterranean Sea with respect to international law
Research Report GA6 Refugees and interna[...]
PDF-Dokument [458.0 KB]

Human Rights Council

HRC - Enhancing international cooperation for the fast and effective coordination with regards to the treatment of epidemic diseases
Research Report HRC epidemic diseases.pd[...]
PDF-Dokument [1.3 MB]
HRC - Including the right to Internet in the UDHR to ensure the full implementation of all other human rights
Research Report HRC internet UDHR.pdf
PDF-Dokument [857.3 KB]
HRC - Fighting the exploitation of migrant workers in large building projects
Research Report HRC Fighting the exploit[...]
PDF-Dokument [378.9 KB]
HRC - Promoting gender equality with special regards to equal labour rights
Research Report HRC Promoting gender equ[...]
PDF-Dokument [387.7 KB]

Security Council

SC - Alleviating the threat posed to stability and security in the Middle East by the IS
ResearchReport SC IslamicState.pdf
PDF-Dokument [908.8 KB]
SC - Finding measures to ensure security in Nigeria
Research Report SC Nigeria.pdf
PDF-Dokument [479.1 KB]

Historical Security Council

HSC - The Korean War 1
Research Report HSC Korean War (1).pdf
PDF-Dokument [1.5 MB]
HSC - The Korean War 2
Research Report HSC Korean War.pdf
PDF-Dokument [246.7 KB]